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Hedge Trimming

Determining the best time to trim your hedge isn’t always easy. Not to mention that certain techniques should be used if you want to keep it healthy. Different steps must be followed depending on the time of year when the hedge is being trimmed.

Regular maintenance

It is important to trim your hedge every time it grows 6” (15 cm). If not trimmed often enough, the situation can quickly get out of control. Keeping the base of the hedge slightly wider than the upper part is recommended to help snow fall more easily to the ground during winter.

Height reduction

If your hedge it too high to take care of properly, it may be time for height reduction. Special care must be taken when making cuts. Improper pruning may result in die back and limited future growth. It is always important to only reduce height down to a point of sustainable growth. It may take multiple pruning sessions to reach desirable height.

Protecting your hedge in the winter time:

If you live near a busy street, covering your hedge is preferable. This will avoid problems such as damage due to salt, especially if it is a young hedge.

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